911 Planning Advisory Committee

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Derek Eby
911 Coordinator
345 W Second St
Dayton, OH  45422
office (937) 384 2452
fax (937) 847 8567
[email protected]

The Montgomery County 911 Planning Committee is responsible for the creating and maintaining The Montgomery County Countywide 911 Plan as authorized by O.R.C 128.06.  The County Countywide 911 Plan describes how 911 services are provided throughout Montgomery County.  The Countywide Planning Committee is also responsible for the appointments to the Countywide 911 Technical Advisory Committee.

The 911 Planning Committee consists of five (5) voting members (or their designee) in accordance with O.R.C 128.06.  Those members include:

  1. President of the Board of County Commissioners, who shall serve as the Chairperson for the committee
  2. Chief Executive Officer of the most populous municipal corporation in the County
  3. From the more populous of the following, either the chief executive officer of the second most populous municipal corporation in the county or a member of the board of township trustees of the most populous township in the county as selected by majority vote of the board of trustees
  4. Member of a board of township trustees selected by the majority of board of township trustees in the county pursuant to resolutions they adopt
  5. Chief executive officer of a municipal corporation in the county selected by the majority of the legislative authorities of municipal corporations in the county pursuant to resolutions they adopt

Current Membership Roster:


Term Ends

Appointed By/Representation

Debbie Lieberman


President, Montgomery County BCC

Jeffrey J. Mims Jr.


Mayor, City of Dayton

Jesse Lightle


Administrator, Washington Township

Norb Klopsch


City Manager, Oakwood (Mayor and Managers Association Representative)

Chris Snyder


Miami Township (Township Association Representative)

Enabling Legislation

O.R.C. 128.06

County Resolution 

Countywide 911 Plan Documents

Countywide 911 Plan 

Addendum A

Addendum B


911 Planning Committee Meeting Schedule
Date                                                           Item                                               Files
5-21-2021                               Planning Committee Meeting                           Agenda

9-27-2023                               Planning Committee Meeting                           Agenda


911 Technical Advisory Meeting Schedule
Date                                                           Item                                                Files
9-30-2021                        Technical Advisory Commitee Meeting                   Agenda