Mission and Vision


The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office and Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory (MCCO/MVRCL) are dedicated to providing quality forensic science from exceptional people of service. We maintain the highest standards in the following professional disciplines: Pathology, Medicolegal Death Investigation, Seized Drugs, Firearms-NIBIN, Latent Prints-AFIS, and Toxicology. We continually strive to provide timely and reliable results using established methods and procedures which are documented in accordance with our accrediting bodies. These methods are scientifically accepted, reproducible, and appropriate for their intended purpose. Our quality system will ensure that functions are performed as intended and utilizing good laboratory, investigative, and pathology practices. We will maintain an open and honest relationship with law enforcement and the judicial system, sustaining an unbiased environment for the customer. We foster support, collaboration, and trust between employees and the communities we serve. Medicolegal death investigations are conducted with compassion and objectivity for families and loved ones to bring peace and closure during their bereavement. The MCCO/MVRCL promotes an atmosphere of awareness, growth, and development for our employees to improve their professional abilities. Employees are committed to excellence and ethical integrity at the highest level. 


Contribute to safety and justice in our community by providing quality and excellence in forensic science services.

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