Annual Property Charge (APC)

Board dumpsters being full with garbage container of County Commissioners under Ohio Revised Code 343.08 imposed a disposal charge on all improved parcels in the Montgomery County Solid Waste District. This disposal charge is an assessment, not a tax, and is known as the Annual Property Charge (APC).

The APC is a fee generated based on unique parcels' (nonresidential/residential) trash volume and pickup frequency. 

APC Rates are as follows:

  • Single-family, residential properties: Flat fee of $21.50
  • Multi-family properties: Flat fee (per each residential unit on the parcel) of $20.25
  • Non-residential properties: Charge calculated from haulers' trash pickup data (volume and frequency)

The APC is conveyed once per year in January on a property owner’s real estate tax bill, which represents solid waste services provided to the property in the previous billing year. All parcels with an Assessed Building Value of $10,000 or greater will receive an APC charge, except for federally-owned properties.