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If you elect the EyeMed Vision Care Insurance, it provides benefits for eye exams, contact lens fittings, lenses, frames, and/or contact lenses. The cost of the vision plan is deducted from your paycheck, pre-tax, on a bi-weekly basis.  With the EyeMed Vision plan, you receive significant cost savings for vision materials via the Insight Plan H Network.

Remember, even if you enroll in the EyeMed Vision plan, you can still take advantage of the wellness benefit under the Montgomery County medical plans (via Anthem) and receive your eye exam with no co-pay as long as you use an in-network Anthem provider.  You can then use the EyeMed Vision plan to receive benefits for lenses, contacts, and frames.

If you're also enrolled in our medical plan through Anthem

An annual vision exam is covered at 100% as part of the preventive (wellness) exam benefit.  You must go to an Anthem in-network optometrist or ophthalmologist in order to receive this benefit.  The preventive vision exam benefit does not cover the contact lens fitting, contact lenses or materials. To check providers in the Anthem network, visit

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