Strategic Coordination


The Office of Strategic Initiatives' Strategic Coordination team seeks to plan and support the implementation of Montgomery County's strategic and long-range goals, with a focus on catalyzing innovation, strengthening collaboration, and advancing results-based stewardship of resources.

What We Do

Develop & Support the Implementation of the Montgomery County Strategic Plan, 2020 to 2024

In partnership with the Montgomery County Commissioners and community stakeholders, we facilitate the development and implementation of Montgomery County's county-wide strategic plan, employing the Results-Based Accountability framework to help County leadership collect and use data to strengthen and demonstrate evidence of impact. View the Montgomery County Strategic Play, 2020 to 2024 (PDF).

Support and Advance Key Strategic Initiatives Within Montgomery County

We partner with leaders and departments throughout Montgomery County in a variety of ways to advance key strategic initiatives across the County and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of County services.

Connect and Convene Key Stakeholders Across Montgomery County

We strengthen inter-departmental communication and coordination within Montgomery County, foster increased strategic alignment and partnership between Montgomery County and broader community stakeholders, and serve as a convener on critical community-wide issues that require strong backbone support.