Get Involved

Getting involved in the local food system is easier than you may think!

Cut out the "Middle Man"

  1. Become more involved with the food you and your family consume to generate positive changes to your health, the local economy, and the environment.
  2. Check out the benefits of buying local foods:
  3. Keep your money in our economy. The money spent with local farmers and growers stays close to home and is reinvested with businesses and services in your community
  4. Create local jobs. Local businesses are far better than chains or giant online retailers at creating more jobs per consumer dollar spent.
  5. Help the environment. Keeping produce local conserves energy and resources in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging.
  6. Keep your tax dollars here. Spending locally, instead of online or in chain retailers, ensures that your tax dollars are reinvested where they belong: right here in our community!
  7. Local food is more nutritious. The shorter the distance from farm to fork, the more nutrients stay in the food. Imported food loses nutrients during travel and while sitting in distribution centers.

So, how can you get involved in the local food system?