Executive Board

The RANGE Task Force consists of an Executive Board to oversee the management and objectives of the Task Force.

The following departments have rallied their resources, personnel and communities together to better meet the demands that the criminal activities have placed on our first responders within our County. These police departments provide 8 full time detectives, 11 part time detectives, a secretary and a field commander.

Their Chiefs sit on the Executive Board of the R.A.N.G.E. Task Force along with a liaison from the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office.

  • Sheriff Phil Plummer, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
  • S.A.C. J. Deir, ATF
  • S.A.S C. Stiegelmeyer BCI
  • Chief R. Rose, Clayton Police Department
  • Chief R. McGill Jr., Germantown Police Department
  • Chief M. Hess, Five River Metro Parks
  • Chief R. Hess, Miami Township Police Department
  • Chief R. Daulton, New Lebanon Police Department
  • Chief B. Bowman, Perry Township Police Department
  • Chief J. Schade, Jackson Township PD
  • Chief Q. Pope, Trotwood PD
  • Chief D. Miller, Grandview Hospital PD
  • Chief R. Whitman, Franklin PD
  • Sheriff G. Kelly Clark, County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sheriff C. Cox, Miami County Sheriff’s Office
  • Chief Deputy M. Spitler, Preble County Sheriff's Office
  • Chief C. Depew, Eaton Police Department
  • Chief M. Brownfield, Englewood Police Department

The departments that are a part of the task force provide a pool of both personnel and financial resources to investigate all aspects of drug complaints, from anonymous neighbor complaints occurring in the jurisdictional boundaries of its member agencies as well as low, mid and upper level drug trafficking complaints where the effect of the trafficking is felt within the jurisdictional boundaries of one of its member agencies or other offenses as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.