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The RANGE Task Force is designed to mainly focus on drug complaints and drug traffickers, but will have the ability to also investigate all other kinds of crimes.

The RANGE Task Force is a collaborative effort of local agencies pooling resources for criminal investigations involving corporations, businesses, and individuals who are operating in concert, whose activities range in the area of illegal sale and distribution of controlled substances, illegal distribution of alcohol and tobacco, illegal gambling and prostitution and any criminal activity that poses a threat to the safety and welfare of our communities.

As a result of 82 investigations in the year of 2010 money, drugs and/or weapons were confiscated off the streets of Montgomery County. 2010 had a 30% increase in citizen complaints and over 65% of the calls yielded enough information to create valid investigations.

"Residents are tired of drug and gun related crimes, especially when it is located near our children's schools. More and more citizens are speaking out against this type of criminal activity and we will use all available resources to rid our neighborhoods of drugs and guns."
Sheriff Phil Plummer

When calling the Narcotic Hotline try to leave as much information that you possibly can regarding the suspicious activity. Note that only the complaints giving a location and type of activity will be investigated. Any of the following helps the detectives with their investigations:

  • The address and any description of the establishment; business, resident, apartment
  • The name of the suspicious person, and/or a physical description of the person
  • Any vehicles; the make, model, color and plate number if you have it. Let us know if the vehicle is used by the suspect or is just arriving and then leaving after short periods of time
  • The time of day that the criminal activity is prevalent
  • The nature of the suspected activity; narcotic, prostitution, underage drinking, etc

If you do not wish to leave your name or call back number please let us know if you are a resident, neighbor or just a concerned citizen. This information is very helpful when we begin to investigate the suspicious criminal activity and helps to alleviate time so that your neighborhood can be restored to safety as soon as possible.

If you have information regarding a crime, please fill out this form or call (937) 225-4357*.
You have the option of remaining anonymous by not including personal information.

Please dial 9-1-1 or (937)225-4357 If you believe someone or something is in danger of harm

Email Address: 
Phone Number: 
Would you like us to contact you?
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Please include detailed information about the crime here: 

This form has been developed to allow you to report information to us.  If you have information regarding a specific crime or problem you would like us to know about, you may use this form. You may also telephone us at (937) 225-4357

* Please contact by telephone at (937) 225-4357 if you feel that your information pertains to a crime where someone or something is in immediate danger or harm.

If you need a copy of a report:

To receive information about obtaining a copy of a criminal offense or traffic crash report, call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Records Section at (937) 225-4096.  Please wait at least three business days after the incident before calling. There will be a reasonable fee to reproduce that report. Certain information that may be contained in a criminal offense report is not public record and cannot be made available to the public.  If you filed your report by telephone, you will receive a business card with the name of the employee who took the report and the report number.