First Time Users


You must complete the following steps only prior to the first time you view your utility account information.

    1. You must have an e-mail account to access utility account information.
    2. Please have your utility account number and cycle-route number on hand. The utility account number is located on your utility statement in the upper right hand corner. The cycle-route number is located on your utility statement in the upper left hand corner. See where the account number and cycle-route number are located on a sample utility statement. Enter your account number. The account number must be entered exactly as shown on the utility statement with the dash and no spaces (for example: 123456-789012). Enter your cycle-route number.
    3. Click the Submit button. View a sample registration page.
    4. Create your new PIN , confirm by entering the PIN again, enter a PIN hint, your e-mail address, and confirm by entering it a second time. The new PIN must have between 5 to 10 digits. It can be numbers, letters, or a combination of both and is case sensitive.
    5. Click on the Submit button. A message will be sent to your e-mail address that contains your new sign-on information.  Please keep for future reference. Your account is now active and you may log in at any time.
    6. To access your utility account information, click on the Access Acct. button.


Having Problems signing on? Please call the Customer Service:  937-781-2688

Technical Help:
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