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    Contact Information for Permits:
    (includes Private Development, Mainline, Commercial, Residential and Backflow)
    John Donnelly, P.E. - 937-781-2628
    Permit Desk - 937-781-2653
    Permit Fax Number - 937-781-2686               
    Backflow Fax Number - 937-781-2534

    Residential Service Affidavit
    Backflow Device Recertification (fill in and print) Form
    Grade and/or Easement Certification
    Industrial User Questionnaire
    Instructions for Irrevocable Letter of Credit
    Performance Bond 
    Sub-Dividers Contract

    Private Development:
    General Notes

    Private Development Plan Approval Process 
    To apply for Private Development Plan Review

    Applications to fill out when applying for:
    All forms available in Fill-in PDF and can be emailed to permits@mcohio.org

    Water/Sewer Connection Billing Information Form    (REQUIRED for NEW SERVICES))

    Commercial/Multi-Family Permit  
    Single-Family Residential Permit 
    New Domestic Backflow Device Installation

    New Irrigation Backflow Device Installation 

    Plumbers Information:
    Plumbers Bond and Insurance Instructions
    Plumbers Bond 

    Fee Information:
    Ancillary Fee Schedule  

    Rules and Regulations:
    See Rules and Regulations

    Standard Specifications

    Service Drawings:
    5/8", 3/4" and 1" Water Meter Standard Installation (Commercial)
    5/8", 3/4" and 1" Water Meter Standard Installation (Residential)
    1-1/2" " and 2" Water Meter Pit Standard Installation
    3" and 4" Meter Pit Installation
    6" or Larger Domestic Meter Pit Installation
    5/8"-1" Irrigation Meter Standard Installation
    Fire Line/Domestic in Building Combination
    Fire Line/Domestic Water Meter Pit Combination
    Fire Line Water Meter Pit (Off Road Use Only)
    Master Meter Pit Installation 6" Service Line (Off Road Use Only)
    Master Meter Pit Installation 8" Service Line (Off Road Use Only)
    Master Meter Pit Installation 10" Service Line (Off Road Use Only)
    Typical Service Installation

    2014 Drinking Water Quality Report

    Montgomery County Environmental Services has once again met or exceeded all state and federal standards for drinking water. Read more about it in our annual Drinking Water Quality Report!


    2013-2015 Strategic Plan

    View our department's strategic plan − our roadmap to provide a better quality of life through our environmental services.