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    Environmental Lab

    4257 Dryden Road
    Dayton, OH 45439

    Hours of Operation
    Monday - Friday - 7:30AM to 4:00PM

    Jim Davis
    Environmental Lab Manager


    Ph:  937-781-3016
    Fax - 937-299-9042

    Sample Receiving 
    Ph:  937-781-3020

    Environmental Lab Bills may be paid online through the Online Bill Payment Page.

    Pay Bill Online 


    About the Environmental Laboratory

    The Environmental Laboratory functions as a support service facility to Water Services for their environmental testing needs. The Lab also works with other government agencies to meet their testing needs. The lab has 8 Ohio EPA certified analysts for drinking water analysis in Bacteriology, Chemistry and Trace Metals. The lab can analyze drinking water, wastewater, surface water, groundwater, biosolids, septage and solid samples for over 60 parameters. Annually, the lab receives over 11,000 samples and performs approximately 33,000 analyses.   


    2010 Annual Water Quality Report
    2011 Annual Water Quality Report
    2012 Annual Water Quality Report

    2014 Drinking Water Quality Report

    Montgomery County Environmental Services has once again met or exceeded all state and federal standards for drinking water. Read more about it in our annual Drinking Water Quality Report!


    2013-2015 Strategic Plan

    View our department's strategic plan − our roadmap to provide a better quality of life through our environmental services.