Tour the Solid Waste District

From observation windows in the Recycling Resource Center's classroom, student's can see where over 1,200 tons of trash is "transferred" from garbage trucks to semi-trailers every day. 

Due to current construction project, observation window is temporarily unavailable.

            Viewing Window

Loader   Pile


Students can visit a transfer station for trash, see a recycling drop-off area, and learn about McMRF-the county's REUSE facility all in one spot- the South Solid Waste District Campus in Moraine.


The recycling drop-off area collects a variety of recyclables, including cans, paper, motor oil, paint and electronics.  Students can see how it's important to follow directions and sort materials according to how their collected. Recycle Canopy

McMRF shelves

In 2010, over 635,000 pounds of materials that would have ended up in the landfill were "reused" through McMRF.  See where everything, from doors and windows to art supplies and office furniture are collected for donating back to the community.


To schedule a presentation or tour, please call 225-4999