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MCMRF Teacher Days

McMRF Teacher Shopping Days are special days where only Montgomery County teachers come to McMRF and pick out FREE items and materials for their classrooms. Whether it is art supplies, student incentives, file cabinets, bookshelves, or even computers, we may have what you need for FREE!

To shop these days, you need to make a reservation (even if your school is currently a member of MCMRF) by submitting the form below. You will receive official confirmation of your reservation. Reservations can be made online one month prior to each event. You must bring your teacher ID card or employment verification letter for entry to the event.

If you would like information on how to get your school registered so you can shop year-round for FREE at MCMRF, call 937-225-4999 for an official registration packet!

For more information, contact Lorelei Hagans (937) 224-8086.

MCMRF Teacher Day Regulation Notification

The following regulations will be STRICTLY enforced:

  1. Only Montgomery County School districts that qualify as a 501(c)3 organization may participate on MCMRF Teacher Shopping Day Events.
    ♦  Homeschool educators with a valid State Teaching Certification are eligible to participate. 
    ♦  Church groups, daycares, and other non-school district 501(c)3 organizations are not eligible to
        participate in the MCMRF Teacher Day program. 
    ♦  For profit Daycare facilities are not eligible to participate in the MCMRF Teacher Day program.
  2. Only educators with a CLASSROOM in a Montgomery County school district building will be permitted to attend the MCMRF Teacher Shopping Day.
    ♦  Offshoot groups associated with the school districts that do not have an assigned
        classroom in a designated school building are not eligible to participate in the MCMRF
        Teacher Day program.

  3. ALL materials taken from a MCMRF Teacher Day event MUST be used for classroom use only. Under NO circumstances should items taken be used for home or personal use.

  4. In order to participate, ALL attendees MUST Pre-Register ONLINE ( at least 2 days in advance for EACH individual MCMRF Teacher Day event. On-site registration will no longer be accepted on the day of the event. If you are not pre-registered, you will NOT be permitted into the event. Registration will open one month prior to the event date. (Please register only if you know you will be attending. Pre-registration numbers are what we use to determine limitations on materials.)

  5. This event is strictly to give classroom teachers the opportunity to obtain supplies for their classroom. Due to limited space and safety concerns sorry no children, spouse or guests allowed into Teacher Day event.

    Other 501(c)3 groups and organizations are able to apply for regular MCMRF membership to obtain materials.

    McMRF Teacher Days
    Reservations can be made online one month prior to each event.

    August 4, 2012: Noon - 3pm
    November 3, 2012: Noon - 3pm