Community Pride Cleanup Supply Trailer

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  Community Pride Cleanup Supply Trailer

The Community Pride Cleanup Supply Trailer is available for loan to Montgomery County residents and community volunteer groups free of charge (minimum of five households or groups with five volunteers). The trailer is stocked with landscaping tools which will assist residents with removing debris and help with beautification within Montgomery County neighborhoods. Montgomery County will deliver and pick up the trailer from the designated project area. The trailer is loaned on a first come, first serve basis. Please check the Calendar of Events for trailer availability. See what groups of volunteers are accomplishing with the Community Pride Cleanup Supply Trailer.  

  Community Pride Trailer     Inside Trailer      

Participation Requirements:

  • Must be used in Montgomery County
  • Project must have a designated coordinator.
  • Designated coordinator will assume responsibility for the following:
    • Completion and submittal of the Community Pride Cleanup Supply  Trailer Application and Participant List two weeks prior to event.
    • Ensuring all participants using the equipment from the trailer are at least 18 years of age and have completed the Participant's Waiver.
    • Confirmation of equipment inventory prior to receipt of trailer and upon return of trailer with Montgomery County Solid Waste District personnel.
    • Distributing supplies to participants and ensuring all equipment is operated safely. Retrieving supplies once participants have completed the project.
    • Properly securing the trailer and its contents.
    • Ensuring trailer is free of trash and debris upon return.
    • Ensuring proper parking location of the trailer in the project area.
    • Replacement of any missing items or items not returned in the condition they were received (normal wear and tear excluded).
    • Completion of a Cleanup Summary Form.
  • Minimum of five households involved in the project or a group of five volunteers.
  • Trailer may be borrowed for a maximum of three days.

How to Get Started (Download "How to Get Started" in PDF Format)

If you love the idea of borrowing the Community Pride Cleanup Supply Trailer (CPCST) for a neighborhood cleanup or beautification effort and don’t know where to start, this is the place.

Planning Your Cleanup Event:

  • Talk to your neighbors by going door to door or attend a neighborhood meeting. Does the neighborhood landscaping need a little pick-me-up? Could the alley use a good cleaning? Is there an area approved for a community garden? What about assisting the neighbors who could use a helping hand?
  • Pick a date and time for the event that fits in with the schedule of as many neighbors as possible. Choose a backup date for inclement weather. Remember there must be a minimum of five households involved in the project or a group of five volunteers.
  • Involve local churches in your neighborhoods. Call your local college to see if they could provide volunteers.
  • Make sure you plan to have at least water available for the participants. Some groups follow up the cleanup event with a carry-in along with a neighborhood celebration.
  • Make sure you recommend your participants dress for the event. Wear boots or sturdy shoes, no sandals. Wear sunscreen and if needed, insect repellent. Gloves and safety vests are available in the CPCST.
  • Have a work plan and a safety plan ready before you begin. What needs to be done, who or how many people are assigned to the task? What tools will they need? Where is the nearest medical facility if needed? Have emergency telephone numbers available with a cell phone.
  • Take before and after pictures and send them to
  • Have a plan to dispose of your waste. Several local jurisdictions will remove the trash as long as they are provided with enough notice prior to the event.
  • Have a parking area where participants who are driving in for the event can park.


     * How to Get Started
     * Application
     * Participant List
     * Participant's Waiver
Project Coodinator Waiver
     * Equipment Inventory


  • Always use good judgment and be safe. Watch out for all of the participants. Keep them in sight.
  • If something looks suspicious or dangerous, call local law enforcement. Do not pick up or touch any suspicious or dangerous item.
  • Promote recycling during the cleanup event. Use local curbside bins or drop off recycling at a Montgomery County Solid Waste facility.
  • Be sure to let us know the success of your event. We provide a Cleanup Summary Form and pre-paid return envelope with the CPCST. You can also complete the Cleanup Summary Form online.
  • Take a look at your work at the end of the event and note how much of a difference your efforts made.
  • Have fun!

For more information call 225-4999


Cleanup with The Dayton Dragons!

On May 10 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., volunteer with Dragons players, Heater, and the Dragons Green Team for a Great American Cleanup project. Volunteers are to meet at East End Community Services, 624 Xenia Avenue, Dayton, OH 45410. The cleanup will take place in the surrounding neighborhood (some walking will be required).

You don't have to bring anything or organize anything. Just register, show up, and have fun! It's a great way to give back to our community while meeting Dragons players, Heater, and the Green Team in the process! Just follow the link below to register:

2014 KMCB Beautification Grant

Keep Montgomery County Beautiful is proud to announce the 2014 Beautification Grant. This grant is available on a competitive basis to Montgomery County 501©3 non-profit organizations,  volunteer groups and other applicable community organizations. The grant provides up to $1,000 to assist beautification projects taking place within Montgomery County. New for 2014: Graffiti abatement and community garden projects now eligible for funding. Grant applications must be received no later than March 14, 2014.

KMCB Application (PDF)

KMCB Application (Word) 


2013 Beautification Grant Winners


Community Cleanup Program

Having a large community cleanup or need help disposing of waste from a large illegal dump site? Eligible groups can apply for free delivery and pickup of a roll off container, which includes disposal costs. For more information and an application click here.

Application (PDF)
Application (Word)

Keep Montgomery County Beautiful