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    Stillwater Center is committed to treating and using personal health information about all of our residents responsibly. 

    View information on our Notice of Health Information Practices.

    View Rights of People with Mental Retardation & Developmental Disabilities.


    Parent Meetings vary each month, with some meetings in the evenings and some at lunch time.  There is a group, Stillwater Center Family and Friends, Incorporated, which is comprised of parents and extended family members of Stillwater residents.  This 501-3(C) non-profit conducts some fundraising to benefit Stillwater residents.  They meet about ten times per year, in the evenings.  The Director also hosts luncheon meetings 4 - 5 times per year for those family members who cannot attend meetings in the evening or who want additional time to talk with the Director and key staff.

    To consider making a donation to the Stillwater Parents' Association for resident activities, contact Mr. Jim Conner at (937) 547-1635 or make donations payable to The Dayton Foundation Charitable Trust Fund.