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    Who do I contact if I would like to place my child at Stillwater Center?

    Contact Gail Yates in the Social Services Department at 890-0646 or email Yatesg@mcohio.org

    If I place my child at Stillwater Center, will I be giving up custody?


    How are services paid for?

    Payment for services comes from Medicaid and the individual's monthly resources (i.e. Social Security, Child Support, etc.)

    When are visiting hours?

    Family visitation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Is a physician available for my child?

    Stillwater Center has a contracted Medical Director who comes into the facility for rounds once per week, or as needed.

    Are there other families I can talk to with similar circumstances?

    Yes, a Parents Meeting is held monthly and other families are also available by phone.  Contact Gail Yates at 890-0646 for more information.