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    Adopted Budget in Brief Documents

    OMB publications contain Bookmarks to assist the reader in navigating through the documents.  Some internet browsers do not accept Bookmarks under current default settings within the browser.  If you have any questions or difficulty viewing the publications, please contact OMB at (937) 225-4735.

    2000 Budget in Brief                                2001 Budget in Brief   

    2002 Budget in Brief                                2003 Budget in Brief

    2004 Budget in Brief                                2005 Budget in Brief 

    2006 Budget in Brief                                2007 Budget in Brief

    2008 Budget in Brief                                2009 Budget in Brief  

    2010 Budget in Brief                                2011 Budget in Brief 

    2012 Budget in Brief                                2013 Budget in Brief    

    2014 Budget in Brief                                2015 Budget in Brief







    GFOA 30th Annual Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Press Release
    2014 GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
    Bonds Rating Press Release 2013
    2015 Sales Tax