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    Resident Eligibility

  • Males and females age eighteen and over.
  • Must be eligible for community control sanctions.
  • Convicted for a probationable offense or sentenced through the Drug Court.
  • Cannot have medical problems which would prevent integration into the program.
  • Cannot have mental health problems or issues which would prevent appropriate interaction.
  • Must show a personal desire to enter MonDay and agree to participate in the programming.
  • Must be referred by the sentencing county.
  • Cannot have ever escaped from detention.
  • Cannot have detainers or active warrants pending, or be out of jail on an appeal bond.
  • Judicial release referrals must meet the above criteria, but will be evaluated separately.
  • News
    Facility Governing Board Meeting
    The next scheduled meeting of the MonDay Community Correctional Institution Facility Governing Board is Friday, July 24, 2015 at 12:00 Noon.  The meeting will be held at the MonDay Community Correctional Institution, 1951 S. Gettysburg Avenue.

    The point of contact is Ruby Galpin, Accreditation Manager, 496-7300 ext. 223  Read More...