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    About Us

    MonDay is a community based correctional facility that provides a secure treatment environment for probationable felony offenders. MonDay challenges offenders to modify their behavior to become responsible citizens by utilizing holistic programming.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a treatment that focuses on patterns of thinking and the beliefs, attitudes and values that lie beneath thinking.  CBT encourages residents to take responsibility for solving their problems by focusing on the present rather than the past.  Individuals who participate in CBT learn specific skills to achieve legitimate goals and objectives.  CBT first concentrates on developing skills to recognize distorted or unrealistic thinking when it happens and then change the thinking or belief to eliminate problematic behavior.

    The CBT Behavioral Management System is a multi-level system that is designed to increase desired behaviors through the use of reinforcements and decrease unwanted behaviors through a menu of appropriate sanctions.  The system is designed around the principles of effective interventions and follows best practice guidelines of reinforcement and sanctioning of behavior.

    MonDay Community Correctional Institution is a positive environment in which people who have similar problems learn to live and work together to better their lives.  The CBT modality challenges a resident's behavior and thinking and offers him/her an opportunity to achieve satisfaction from accomplishment.  A resident earns incentives and privileges as he/she progress through the program.  In this way, an individual learns that they are responsible for their actions and take control of their life in a prosocial manner.

    The MonDay Screening staff screens each referral and interviews all eligible candidates. A recommendation is then made to the sentencing judge.

    Length of Commitment
    The commitment is up to six months.

    Chaplain Services
    A licensed minister serves MonDay residents in the capacity of Chaplain. He assists residents of all faiths in meeting their spiritual needs. MonDay residents also have the opportunity to participate in the MonDay Choir. The choir performs at all church services on-site, as well as being invited to perform at churches and other civic events off-site.

    Case Management
    Each resident is assigned a clinical staff person who will provide counseling and case management throughout the resident's entire stay. The staff and resident develop a treatment plan that encompasses the resident's needs, as well as goals, and a time table for accomplishment. The treatment plan is revised as necessary, depending upon the resident's progress. The assigned clinical staff person will also assist the resident in planning for life after MonDay; obtaining housing, employment, and maintaining a responsible life-style.

    Chemical Dependency (CD) Treatment
    The assessment on each resident begins at the screening interview and continues throughout the resident's stay. If the assessment reveals a need for CD treatment, the resident will be placed on an individualized track. The CD treatment could vary from attending a CD group weekly to a residential track that includes 6 hours of programming daily.

    Mental Health Counseling
    MonDay has a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor on staff. This gives the clinical team the ability to provide psychological assessments and individual counseling. We also work closely with several community service agencies. These agencies offer a full range of supplemental services to our residents such as grief counseling, parenting, sexual abuse, post traumatic syndrome, and other mental health issues.

    Other MonDay Programs
    MonDay offers other programs which include:

    • Education
    • Vocational Experience
    • Community Service
    • Parenting Skills
    • Life Skills

    Program Integrities

    • Accredited by the American Correctional Association
    • Compliance with State Standards
    • Licensed Professional Certified Counselors
    • Licensed Professional Counselors
    • Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors
    • Licensed Social Workers

    MonDay Facts
    MonDay is an acronym identifying Montgomery County and Dayton, Ohio, the two local political units who worked together in its foundation. MonDay opened in 1978 as a program to divert probational male felony offenders from the state prison system. In 1980, MonDay expanded to include females. MonDay serves several separate court jurisdictions in the southwest section of Ohio for males and all 88 court jurisdictions for females.

    Judicial Advisory Board  

    • Judge Dennis J. Langer
    • Judge Gregory F. Singer 
    • Judge Timothy N. O'Connell
    • Judge Michael Tucker
    • Judge Steven K. Dankof
    • Judge Dennis Adkins

    Facility Governing Board

    • Mr. Don Walls
    • Mr. Richard Pollitt
    • Dr. Ann Morrison
    • Mr. Gary Drummer
    • Mr. Rudy Wehner
    • Mr. Brian Weaver