Medical Support/Health Insurance

Health Insurance and Medical Support Orders

heartbeatOhio law requires that all child support orders include both:

  • A support payment amount when private health insurance is being provided

  • Another amount for when health insurance is not provided

A cash medical support obligation is an amount in addition to child support to be paid when no private health insurance is provided. It is only ordered if the person paying support has a gross income more than 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

Support orders must also address the child's health insurance needs by including:

  • An order for one or both parents to provide private health insurance coverage for the child
  • An order for both parents to share the cost of the child's medical expenses that are not covered under insurance

If neither parent has health insurance available, both parents are ordered to report coverage that becomes available to the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) as soon as it is available.

Reasonable Cost

When a parent has access to health insurance, the administrative officer or judge has to make sure it is of reasonable cost. It is if the family plan cost minus the single plan cost is not greater than five percent of the parent’s gross income.

  • A parent can agree to provide coverage even if it is not of reasonable cost

  • If the judge believes it is in the child’s best interest, a parent can be ordered to provide coverage despite the cost

A support order is binding on both parents, their employers and any insurer that provides health insurance coverage for either parent or their children. Enforcement tools can include contempt of court, if the person ordered to provide medical insurance has failed to get it or has allowed coverage to lapse.

The CSEA will send a form to the employer of the person ordered to provide medical insurance, spelling out what the employer must do to comply.

More specifics on medical support in Ohio are available at this link. This Cash Medical Support Fact Sheet may also be helpful.