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    Most Wanted

    To view Montgomery County Most Wanted Poster pdf_icon

    To assist with location of obligors who have unpaid child support, the CSEA publishes a Most Wanted Poster. The goal of the poster is to locate non-residential parents whose whereabouts are unknown and who are seriously negligent in paying child support.

    Written permission the custodial parent is required for an obligor to become a candidate for inclusion on the poster. The obligor must not be known to be a recipient of Ohio Works First (OWF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Food Stamps (FS), or have filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

    Each poster includes photographs and information regarding the delinquent obligor. Each selected obligor is provided with a 90-day grace period to come into compliance with the CSEA after receipt of the Notice to Obligor: Inclusion on Poster. The Obligor can come into compliance by completing all of the following:

    1. Making a payment to the CSEA at least equal to the current monthly obligation
    2. Providing the CSEA with a current address
    3. Providing the CSEA with evidence from each current employer of current wages, salary, and other compensation
    4. Providing the CSEA with evidence that arrangements have been made for withholding from wages, salary, or other compensation
    If you have any details on the location of any of the obligors who are on this poster, you can Email us or send the information in writing to the Montgomery County CSEA, at 14 W. Fourth Street, PO Box 8744, Dayton, OH 45401, or call us at (937)225-4600, or (800)555-0430.