Pledge 10% for Local Food



The 10% Pledge is a key strategy to localize our food supply and rebuild our local food economy!

Most of the food we eat comes from sources hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Let’s shift the global diet to the local diet…food that is raised, caught, processed, cooked, distributed and sold by people in your community or nearby, people that you know and trust.

In most communities, less than three percent of food consumption is locally-grown and locally-produced. We're inviting everyone—individuals, families, businesses, schools, restaurants, and institutions—to devote up to 10 percent of their food budget to local food.

Shifting 10% of your food budget to local food will make a significant contribution to the health, well-being, and economic vitality of our community!

The Benefits of Supporting Local Food and Products:

Health: Returning to a seasonal, mostly organic local diet will significantly improve the health of our communities, especially our children, and reduce health care costs.

Environment: Shrinking our “food shed” will reduce food-miles and bio-intensive cultivation methods will sequester carbon in the soil, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Economy: Rebuilding our local food system is one of the most important strategies for strengthening our local economy.  A dollar spent on locally produced food and products generates to $5-$7 within the region’s economy.  Food localization can create new jobs and generate millions of dollars in new economic activity.

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