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    Food Stamps

    Montgomery County Job and Family Services determines if a low-income household is eligible to receive food stamp benefits.  If a household is eligible, they are provided an Ohio Directional Card to use for food stamp purchases.

    Most households are families, but a household can also be a group of people living together who are not from the same family.  An adult child living with a parent is usually treated as part of the parent's household.  To be a separate household, a child must be over 22, even if the adult child is married and living with their own children or spouse.

    The food stamp program is aimed to be supplemental assistance for food.  This program is not designed to provide for the entire supermarket needs of a household.  Items such as paper goods and cleaning supplies are not permitted for purchase through the Ohio Directional Card.

    What can I buy:

    You can buy food, as well as seeds and plants to grow food using your Ohio Direction Card.

    A few examples of things you cannot purchase:

    • Alcoholic Drinks
    • Cigarettes and tobacco products
    • Vitamins
    • Medicines
    • Pet Food
    • Paper goods
    • Cleaning supplies and household items

    What to bring to determine eligibility:

    • Identification of the person making the application
    • Proof of Social Security number of proof of application for Social Security cards
    • Proof of alien status if you are not a U.S. citizen
    • Proof of your household's income and any other money you receive

    Your Case Worker from Job and Family Services will determine your household's eligibility based on combined income and family size.

    The above information is meant for a guide and does not determine eligibility