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    Job Search/Readiness and Work Experience Program Services RFP



    Job Search/Readiness and Work Experience Program Services

    The Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services (MCDJFS) is soliciting Request for Proposals (RFP) for the following services on the date and time listed below:

    Monday, December 12, 2011 10:30 a.m.

    Job Search/Readiness and Work Experience Program Services:

    To contract with service provider(s) who can provide Job Search/Readiness and Work Experience Program Services to eligible Montgomery County residents.

    Description of Services:

    There are three key components to this proposal: the development and delivery of job search/job readiness training, the development and management of the WEP sites, and the management and reporting of the OWF customer’s participation.  Responder(s) should be able to provide services in the following areas:

    • Job search and job readiness training for adult recipients of the Ohio Works First (OWF) program in Montgomery County
    • Developing and managing WEP sites to include an adequate number of slots for the projected participants
    • Managing OWF recipients’ participation in the WEP program and reporting results to MCDJFS
    • Facilitating up-front orientations, testing, evaluations and job interviews as necessary for proper placement at WEP sites and supportive services
    • Performing assessment and testing to make decisions on appropriate assignments and case plans
    • Implementing strategies to ensure customer compliance and engagement
    • Routine monitoring of each WEP site to assure compliance with agreement terms and conditions
    • Acting as the primary point of contact for the WEP sites with customer issues (attendance, behavior, etc.)
    • If when applicable, coordinating background checks, fingerprinting, etc, as required by the various WEP sites
    • Assigning and managing customers into appropriate WEP sites
    • Coordinating with MCDJFS on any work activity changes and amending assignments
    • Conducting job placement activity, managing the transition of customers to self-sufficient employment
    • Making sanction  recommendations and provide data related to customer’s cooperation with Self-Sufficiency Contract and Plan
    • Daily monitoring of customer’s attendance to ensure ongoing participation at the assigned location
    • Reporting attendance data to MCDJFS on a weekly basis and final reporting on monthly basis.  MCDJFS requires that the data must be in a format approved by MCDJFS that can be transmitted electronically
    • Reporting to MCDJFS any discrepancies, issues and/or concerns with customer attendance and/or behavior throughout the participant’s assignment
    • Delivering services in accordance with rules and guidelines governing OWF program
    • Identifying barriers and implement barrier removal solutions
    • Coordinating supportive services
    • Coordinating service delivery with the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services Self-Sufficiency Contract and Plan and other MCDJFS policies
    • Developing written processes and procedures for administering activities and services
    • Using a case management database to maintain customer case notes and records
    • Utilizing an attendance tracking and monitoring system
    • Submitting reports and documents to MCDJFS

    The Bidders Conference will be held at the Job Center, Conference Room C2/C3,

    1111 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd., Dayton, Ohio 45422.

    A contract awarded as a result of this bid process shall be effective the date of execution and terminate December 31, 2012. The Department retains the option of extending the contract period for two (2) additional one (1) year options commencing:

    January 1, 2013 – December 31, 2013


    January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014

    All interested parties requesting an RFP should send a representative to the Bidders Conference on the date and time designated.  Request for pre-registration or questions concerning this conference may be directed to: 

    Heath MacAlpine, Assistant Director
    Job and Family Services Assistant Director Office
    1111 South Edwin C. Moses Boulevard
    Dayton, Ohio 45422
    Telephone: (937) 225-5540
    Fax: (937) 225-7608
    e-mail: MCDJFS-CD@odjfs.state.oh.us

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