Green Business Certification Program


Renewable Energy Demonstration Center at Madison Lakes



Wind Turbine  - Produces 6,000 kWh annually
Solar - Produces 2,500 kWh annually



Geothermal Heat Pump - Provides efficient
heating and cooling year round.
        Leading By Example - Madison Lakes
Madison Lakes Park is home of the Montgomery County Learning and Conference Center and hosts the Renewable Energy Demonstration Center, which features working installations of wind, photovoltaic, and geothermal heating and cooling.  This facility uses local, renewable resources to provide electricity, heating, and cooling year round.

A community Park
Madison Lakes Park is located about 5 miles west of downtown Dayton on Olive Rd. near the intersection of State Route 35 and State Route 49.  The park features over 200 acres of forest, prairies, and wetlands, including three interconnected spring-fed lakes.  Madison Lakes Park is open to the public every day from sunrise to sunset.

Energy Efficiency - 
Future plans will greatly
reduce energy consumption