Application Instructions

Application Instructions for Green Business Certification

Thank you for your interest in the Dayton Regional Green 3 Green Business Certification Program! This application, and its comprehensive checklist and resource links, are designed to be an easy-to-use tool to assist and guide businesses in greening their operations. Please follow the steps below to become a certified Green Business and get recognized for your environmental stewardship.

  • Before you start the application, use the Summary Guide! The application format is integrated with the Summary Guide for easy correlation.
  • If you have questions, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section at FAQs
  • Begin the application by completing the contact information section on the first page.
  • In each section, there are required actions as well as a specified number of additional actions that must be completed in order to receive certification as a Green Business.
  • If your business has indicated exemplary Water Stewardship, your business may be eligible for the Blue Certification designation as well as the Green Business Certification! Take note of the additional requirements for the Blue Certification throughout the application.
  • A Certification Tabulation is included on the first page of the application for your benefit,






Certification Tabulation

Min Points Req'd for GBC

Actual Points

Min Points Req'd for BBC

Mandatory Points

1. General Standards for All Businesses




2. Solid Waste Reduction




3. Environmentally Preferable Purchasing




4. Energy Conservation




5. Water Conservation (Without Landscaping)




     Water Conservation (With Landscaping)

10 or 18


13 or 23

6. Pollution Prevention




Total Without Landscaping:




Total With Landscaping:

67 or 75


79 or 89

Column A:  Certification criteria
Column B:  Minimum points required from each criteria for Green Business Certification (GBC)
Column C:  Actual points achieved. This will be filled in automatically after you fill in the checklist.
Make sure that your actual points are equal, or greater than the minimums required from column B before submitting your application.    
Column D:  Minimum points required for pursuing the Blue Certification/Water Stewardship (BBC).
Column E:  Mandatory requirements from each criterion.  This will be automatically filled with “Y” or “N’. Make sure that all your mandatory requirements are achieved  before submitting your application.
  • If at the end of the application process you find that your minimums and mandatory points are not achieved, please click on the “Edit” command to update the required section(s).  After updating the required section, close out the pop up window; refresh the main page to update and display your changes.
  • You can save your work and exit the program at any point in the application
  • You are encouraged to use the "Other" boxes to tell us about innovative actions you are taking that are not included in the application. As long as they meet the spirit of the program, you will receive credit!
  • The certification fee, which is valid for two years, is $50 for SMALL businesses and $100 for large businesses. The certification fee is wavered for first time application.  Re certification is required every two years. Following submission of the application (after the first two years),  please send a check, payable to Montgomery County Auditor to:   Green Business Certification Program
  • Businesses with fewer than 25 FTEs (Full Time equivalent Employees) are considered SMALL businesses.  Those with 25 or more FTEs are considered LARGE.
  • Submit your completed application on-line by clicking the submit button.
  • 5% of applications will be audited.  Following the submission of your application, if you were randomly chosen for auditing, the program office will contact you to arrange for an on-site verification visit to review your facility and meet with staff involved in implementing environmental actions.
  • If you have questions, please e-mail the program office at or contact Lamees Mubaslat at( 937) 225-6423