Green Business Certification Program


DRG3 - Enhanced Rebate Incentives


The Dayton Power & Light (DP&L) Enhanced Rebates are available only to DRG3 participants. To be eligible for the program, a customer must:

1. Be a DP&L business customer in good standing

2. Have obtained Green Business Certification through DRG3

3. Have commissioned an ASHRAE Level 1 audit as a requirement for Green Business Certification

4. Apply for its rebate incentives through the DP&L Rapid and/or Custom Rebate Application
    and abide by all Rapid and Custom Rebate Terms and Conditions

5. Provide proof of purchase of rebated measures within 1 year of date of audit report

If measures implemented qualify for DP&L Rapid and/or Custom Rebate incentives, the customer will receive an “enhanced” rebate of 150% of the stated rebate - up to 50% of the installed project cost!"

DP&L will not grant retroactive rebates.  Approved measures must be applied for, purchased, and installed after Green Business Certification is aquired.

Rebate Award Process

  1. Customer obtains Green Business Certification through DRG3.

  2. Customer completes and submits DP&L Rapid and/or Custom Rebate application.
    Customer should attach its approval letter for Green Building Certification (with certificate number) to the application.  This is how it will be identified as a DRG3 customer.

  3. Customer's rebate confirmation will reflect a standard rebate value.  The adjusted incentive will be reflected in the project reservation notification.

Click here to view an example of the kind of assistance DP&L and DRG3 can provide to businesses wishing to improve their energy performance!