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    No Wrong Door Reference Guide


    L no wrong door coverBecause of the complexity of the social service systems, many people are unable to navigate through the systems and may feel rejected or frustrated in their efforts to obtain help.  This may discourage them and cause them to simply drop out of the system without receiving the necessary assistance.

    "No Wrong Door" refers to a service system that welcomes people in need and assists them to connect with desired services regardless of the agency where they try to gain access. "No Wrong Door" policies commit all service agencies to respond to the individual's stated and assessed needs through either direct services or linkage to other appropriate programs. This is an alternative to addressing only the needs that may be within the scope of a specific agency, but without helping consumers connect to other needed services.




    Montgomery County No Wrong Door Reference Guide - listing commonly used resources and contact info.

     No Wrong Door Video

    2014 Community Needs Assessment

    The 2014 Community Needs Assessment is now available! Click to see the full report.