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    Infant Safe Sleep

    In Montgomery County nearly one baby dies each month due to unsafe sleep practices.  You can reduce the risk to your baby by knowing the answers to these questions:

    • What can you do to protect your baby?
    • What is a safe crib?
    • What places are most dangerous for your baby to sleep?
    • What should you tell other caregivers about your baby’s sleep rules?
    • What are the ABC’s of safe sleep?

    There is no one sleep space that can guarantee a baby will be risk-free, but there are ways to reduce the risk.   Just like you, we want your baby to be healthy and safe.  Download the answers to these questions -- then follow the safe sleep guidelines.

    These Safe Sleep brochures are provided through the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund as a service to Montgomery County’s children.

    2014 Community Needs Assessment

    The 2014 Community Needs Assessment is now available! Click to see the full report.