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    FCFC Membership

      Montgomery County
    Family and Children First Council


    Deborah A. Feldman  (Chair)

    President & CEO

    Dayton Children's Hospital

    Pam Albers

    GDAHA - Central Coordinator

    Nancy Banks

    Montgomery County Board of DDS

    Bryan Bucklew

    Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association

    Gayle Bullard


    Montgomery County Department
    of Job and Family Services

    Mary Burns

    Miami Valley Child Development Center

    Susan Caperna

    Family Representative

    James Cole

    Montgomery County Juvenile Court

    James Dare

    Montgomery County Common Pleas Court

    Frank DePalma

    Mont.Co. Educational Service Center

    Judy Dodge Montgomery County Commissioner
    Debra Downing

    Montgomery County Department of JFS Children Services Division

    Richard Garrison, M.D.

    Oakwood Health Commissioner

    James Gross

    Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County

    Helen Jones-Kelley ADAMHS Board for Montgomery County

    Larry Lewis

    Ohio Department of Youth

    Thomas Maultsby United Way of Greater Dayton Area

    Douglas M. McGarry

    Area Agency on Aging

    Charles Meadows

    Homeless Solutions Policy Board

    David Melin Human Services Levy Council

    Jeffrey Mims

    City of Dayton Commissioner

    Phil Plummer

    Montgomery County Sheriff

    Mary Jo Rosenbauer

    Family Representative

    Phillip Shanks

    Family Representative

    Lori Ward

    Dayton Public Schools


    2014 Community Needs Assessment

    The 2014 Community Needs Assessment is now available! Click to see the full report.