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    Family Center Services and Supports


    Designed in the mid 1980's for children with serious emotional disturbance, the System of Care (SOC) approach has demonstrated effectiveness in improving individual outcomes; including; but not limited to the following outcomes: decreased behavioral concerns, improved academic performance, and decreased contacts with the juvenile justice system. Parents who have received these services have also reported increased satisfaction with treatment and decreased levels of family stress. In addition, this model of integrated programming has demonstrated decreased use of out of home placement and reduced rates of re-institutionalization.  For more information visit: http://fcf.ohio.gov/Initiatives/SystemofCareFCSS.aspx
    The Ohio Dept. of Mental Health has made funds available to counties for Family Centered Services and Supports (FCSS). The FCSS funds help maintain children and youth in their own homes and communities by providing non-clinical family-centered services and supports. Children and youth (0-21) must have multi-systemic needs.  The child/youth is not necessarily involved in two or more systems, but the child's/youth's needs must involve more than one system.  The youth/child does NOT have to have a behavioral health diagnosis. 


    Family Centered Services and Supports funding can only be utilized for cases that have been approved under Montgomery County Family and Children First’s State-approved Service Coordination Mechanism.  Montgomery County’s Service Coordination Mechanism is a comprehensive document detailing the process of coordinated services.  For the complete document click here.


    SFY2015 -  Family Centered Services Support Forms

    1. Service Request Log                                              (Attachment A)

    2. Service Coordination Referral Form                       (Attachment B)

    3. Family Team Meeting Invitation                              (Attachment C)

    4. Confidentiality Form                                              (Attachment D)

    5. Release of Information                                           (Attachment E)

    6. Parents Rights & Dispute Resolution Memo              (Attachment F)

    7. Multi-Agency Service Plan                                       (Attachment G)

    8. Pre-Approval Form and Disposition of SC Referral   (Attachment H)

    9. FCSS Modification Form                                          (Attachment I)

    10. FCSS Invoice Template                                            (Attachment J)


    Helpful links:

    State FCSS guidance at: http://fcf.ohio.gov/Initiatives/SystemofCareFCSS.aspx

    State questions and answers document at:

    Questions? – Call the Human Services Planning & Development Department at(937) 225-4695.

    2014 Community Needs Assessment

    The 2014 Community Needs Assessment is now available! Click to see the full report.