Reentry Collaborative

What is the Reentry Collaborative?

The MCOER works with a variety of community stakeholders to provide programming and services to the men and women who are returning to Montgomery County from state and local prisons and jails. The MCOER Reentry Collaborative serves as a community education assembly which promotes reentry provider networking, organizational support via resource building, and long-term sustainability through leveraged partnerships. 
Evidenced-based strategies are shared to enhance program standards, service delivery, and improve measurable outcomes. The Reentry Collaborative is comprised of over 68 service providers and advocates working cooperatively with the MCOER to provide programs and services that minimize barriers to successful reentry and promote a reduction in recidivism.  
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How do I get Involved in the Reentry Collaborative? 

You can attend the MCOER Reentry Collaborative meetings are generally held the fourth Monday of even numbered months (February, April, June, August, October, and December) and onsite agency visits/informational sessions are held in odd numbered months.  Schedules for all MCOER Reentry Collaborative activities are published at the beginning of each calendar year. They can be located on the MCOER website at


Who should get involved in the Reentry Collaborative?

Any agency that provides services in the community that ex-offenders and their families can utilize should participate in the Reentry Collaborative.  If you are not sure – attend a meeting and make a decision based on what you learn! Contact Amy Piner at (937) 496-7047 with questions or to learn more.

Reentry Collaborative 2015 Meeting Dates