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The Montgomery County Family and Children First Council (FCFC) was created in late 1995 in accordance with state law and also to fulfill the local desire for a "lead collaborative" to deal with issues affecting children and families.  

Members include the heads of the major public human services agencies, school superintendents, local elected officials, people from the business community, representatives of the United Way and other non-profit agencies, and at-large community members including a number of specifically designated "family representatives." 

The Council has articulated and built consensus around the following six "Desired Community Outcomes".   A report is prepared annually to chart their status.

  •  Healthy People

  •  Young People Succeeding

  •  Stable Families

  •  Positive Living for Special Populations

  •  Safe and Supportive Neighborhoods

  •  Economic Self-Sufficiency

The Council has been focused on helping advance progress toward achieving these Outcomes.

The Office of Family and Children First provides administrative support to the Family and Children First Council and Human Services Levy  Council.

2014 Community Needs Assessment

The 2014 Community Needs Assessment is now available! Click to see the full report.