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    Watermiami river

    Montgomery County has an abundance of natural resources, most notably a renewable water source. The Stillwater, the Mad, and the Great Miami Rivers converge in the county. Unlike many parts of the U.S., this region is drought-free and welcomes water-intensive business to share in the abundant resources. The region has more than 6,000 miles of rivers and streams to recharge a vast, 1.5 trillion gallon buried valley aquifer. Additionally, the groundwater provides a valuable source of geothermal energy that can reduce heating and cooling costs.

    Montgomery County Water Services serve to provide water pollution control and water services to the area residents. The Montgomery Soil and Water Conservation District works to solve soil and water conservation problems in the county by providing technical services free of charge.

    To view a map of Montgomery County's Aquifers, please click here.

    The Dayton Power and Light Company, named one of the top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes, provides electricity to much of Montgomery County.

    Natural Gas
    Vectren is a progressive energy company that delivers gas and/or electricity to more than one million utility customers in Indiana and Ohio.