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    Fifth Third FieldThe BusinessFirst! Program uses a customer-oriented approach to economic development designed to link businesses to resources in the community. The BusinessFirst! team is a coordinated group of more than 50 government agencies, development organizations and nonprofit corporations.

    The goal of the program is to provide a single point of contact for all of your business needs. An Outreach Specialist, a professional in the economic development community, will learn more about your business and help to identify area resources to help you succeed in today's competitive environment.

    The first step is a one-on-one visit with your Outreach Specialist. There you can discuss your operations, your needs and your plans for the future. We then review your firm's information and match your needs with the appropriate resources and individuals within the BusinessFirst! team.

    Business First! Facts:

    • BusinessFirst! has grown in membership from 14 to 23 jurisdictions in the Greater Dayton Region
    • BusinessFirst! Regional Resource Partner membership has grown from 34 members to approximately Regional Resource Partners to serve regional businesses
    • Approximately 2000 business visitations have occurred since the inception of BusinessFirst!
    • Businesses have received assistance in workforce training and recruitment, exporting, strategic and business planning, e-commerce, financing and more.
    • The BusinessFirst! Team has been instrumental in helping the following companies to stay and grow in the region:  IMI Norgren, Smiths Aerospace, SK Tech, Paxar, Dayton-Phoenix, Inc., Moto Photo, ConSpan Bridge Systems, Appleton, LORD Corporation and more...



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