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    Dayton Development Coalition

    Dayton Development CoalitionHarry Bumgarner, Director, Strategic Partnerships

    Marty Hohenberger, Director, Business Development

    Christina Howard, Vice President, Entrepreneurial Development

    900 Kettering Tower
    Dayton, Ohio  45423
    937-222-4422 Tel
    937-222-1323 Fax

    On the web at: www.daytonregion.com

    The Dayton Development Coalition is a private, not-for-profit, regional
    economic development organization founded to address the need for
    region-wide growth in high-value jobs. Today, the Coalition works
    collaboratively with leaders from every sector of the Dayton Region's
    economy to help build our economy and secure the futures of our

    The Coalition focuses on four integrated initiatives to accomplish this

    • Educates and funds regional entrepreneurs
    • Recruits new businesses into the Dayton Region
    • Works to retain and grow missions at Wright-Patterson Air
      Force Base and our other defense installations
    • Advocates for the Dayton Region's priorities in Washington DC
      and Columbus, Ohio