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    About Us

    Welcome to Montgomery County - home to innovators past, present, and future!

    Montgomery County PhotosYou are just clicks away from meeting all of your business needs! With its business friendly approach, the Montgomery County Economic Development Department serves as a direct liaison between the county resources and any business looking to locate, grow, or expand in Montgomery County.

    With our access to many resources and strategic partners, along with a dedicated and committed staff, the Economic Development Department in Montgomery County is an appealing and obvious partner and assistant for any entrepreneur, large or small.

    Montgomery County Economic Development is recognized as a business-friendly, collaborative and responsive division of Montgomery County.  We value nurturing partnerships among the business community and Montgomery County jurisdictions, as well as organizations in the Greater Dayton region, in an effort to build and maintain a strong, viable economy for our residents.  We strive to develop quality economic development programs that will assist local companies in being competitive in the global environment.

    The Wright brothers opened a window to the world of opportunity with their first invention of the airplane. Ermal C. Fraze invented the "pop-top tab" for cans that are still used today on everything from soft drinks to beer. Kenneth Jordan and John Birden patented the first efficient and cost-effective radioactive battery, while the Siebenthaler Company received a plant patent for their production of the perfect locust tree, the Moraine Locust.

    Montgomery County is diverse in resources, innovators, ideas, and business opportunities. We invite you to explore all that we have to offer! If you have any questions, please feel free to
    contact us.


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