Dora Lee Tate Service Center

Dora Lee Tate Service Center
593 Infirmary Road
Dayton, OH 45427 Phone: (937)496-7450
Mark A. Madry, Center Director

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.

Function Statement
The mission of the Dora Lee Tate Service Center is to effectively and comprehensively address the social service need of the citizens residing in western Montgomery County...empowering them to improve their own condition.

Who was Dora Lee Tate?
Dora Lee Tate was the first Director of the Montgomery County Department of Human Services. It was under her leadership that the concept of community-based human services took shape and flight. Her zest for life and her vision of service to the community is the tradition that the Dora Lee Tate Service Center keeps alive in her memory. The Rose of Sharon (her favorite flower) is incorporated into the Dora Lee Tate Service Center logo in her honor.

The Dora Lee Tate Service Center provides the tools and counseling that are necessary for individuals and families to help themselves. The Center draws its strength from the many organizations and agencies that operate as a part of its family...all located at our Infirmary Road Complex. This provides the entire community with easy access to:

  • Emergency Food Assistance
  • Emergency Financial & Utilities Assistance
  • Clothing Referral Assistance
  • Family Stabilization Community Assistance
  • Social Service Referrals
  • Available Community Meeting Space
  • Periodic Social Service Presentations

The following resources are available at the Dora Lee Tate Service Center Complex:

Dora Lee Tate Service Center Family Stabilization Services - Provides technical assistance through a collaborative effort by Police, Fire, DP&L, private and public human service agencies. Case management services include regional assessment, information and referral for emergency social service needs like counseling, clothing, utilities, housing, etc. CALL 496-7451

Southwest Clearinghouse - Regional clearinghouse for emergency food assistance. Areas served are zipcodes: 45407, 08, 17, 26, 27, and 28. CALL 496-7127

Concerned Christian Men, Inc. - An organization of "Christian Men" who came together to address the illegal drug problem plaquing the City of Dayton. In 1989 CCM developed PROJECT DUNAMIS, a lawful grassroots community involvement approach towards the elimination of illegal drug trafficking as it occurs in crack houses and other "dwellings" within the community. CALL 496-7451

Dora Tate Youth Center - A facility for preadjudicated youth - both male and female - residing within Montgomery County...a division of the Montgomery County Juvenile Court System. CALL 496-3326

Jefferson Township FISH - On-site emergency food assistance for residents of Montgomery County. Individuals needing emergency food are screened through the Southwest Clearinghouse. CALL 496-3326

Miami Valley Child Development Center, Inc. - A federally funded HEAD START program for children ages 3-5 who are income eligible. CALL 263-7650

Adult Probation Department (Montgomery County Common Pleas Court) - Services assisting the Court in determination of sentence for those convicted of crimes. CALL 225-5090

Jefferson Township Administrator's Office - CALL 262-3582

Jefferson Township Fire Department - CALL 268-6661