Name of Committee:  Diversity Action and Resource Team

Statement of Purpose:  D.A.R.T. is a catalyst for change to enable employees to provide the best public services possible that demonstrate understanding of, value of, and respect for their customers.  D.A.R.T. will work to identify and resolve problems, establish behavioral and service expectations for employees and measure progress.

The Committee’s Role in the organization is to act as an empowered resource and messenger for diversity by:

  1. Developing a diversity plan that champions cultural competency
  2. Communicating expectations about how to relate to and interact with other employees and customers
  3. Developing a training program to educate the workforce on all aspects of diversity through:
    • Workshops
    • Training
    • Seminars
  4. Hosting diversity events, being mindful of the schedules/need of all workers
  5. Examining existing Policies and Procedures, making recommendations on changes relevant to diversity

Structure of committee and term of service:
Members agree to serve for 3 Years.  We will stagger exit dates to help preserve continuity and develop a plan to recruit and mentor new members.

Meeting Structure:
The committee will meet regularly, up to 8 hours per month. Membership may require work outside of meeting times.

Level of authority:
With the approval of Executive Staff, the Committee has the authority to implement action plans. D.A.R.T. will meet quarterly with Executive Staff.