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    County Corp - Development in Motion130 W. 2nd St,
    Suite 1420
    Dayton, OH 45402

    Phone: (937) 225-6328
    Fax: (937) 225-5089
    E-mail: countycorp@countycorp.com

    WebSite: www.countycorp.com

    Stephen D. Naas, President
    Jim Martone, Vice President Housing 
    Since 1979, CountyCorp has had a history of dedication toward expanding affordable housing and economic development opportunities while improving the quality of life for the residents of Montgomery County and our neighbors throughout the Dayton region.
    As Montgomery County's non-profit development corporation, the focus is on filling the gaps where conventional lenders and public providers cannot meet the need. CountyCorp administers a host of affordable housing and economic development programs using local, state, and federal funding sources. 

    Menu of Programs
    ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Regional 166 Loan; Small Business Administration 504 Loan; Community Development Block Grant Loan; Child Care Loan.

    AFFORDABLE HOUSING: Community Development Block Grant Home Improvement Loan, Lifetime Home Improvement Loan; Emergency Assistance; Lease Purchase Homeownership; American Dream Downpayment Assistance (ADDI); HomeStart Program, and Housing Trust.

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