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    Lead Hazard Reduction Program

    Program Overview
    Montgomery County, since 1995, has been a recipient of grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office of Lead Hazard Control. This $4.9 million grant is administered through the Montgomery County Community Development Office and has the following partners: the City of Kettering, COUNTY CORP, CityWide Development Corporation, Sunrise Center, the Dora Tate Center, Center for Healthy Communities, and the Combined Health District. The primary goal of this program is to reduce the risk of lead poisoning in targeted neighborhoods of Montgomery County by conducting lead hazard control activities in housing units. A second goal of the program is to provide education about the dangers of lead poisoning and steps families can take to protect themselves. A final goal of the program is to train low and moderate-income persons and minorities in the lead industry.
    What is Lead Poisoning and Who is at Risk?

    Lead poisoning is one of the leading environmental health threats to children today. A major cause of lead poisoning is deteriorated lead-based paint. Lead-based paint was used in or on most houses built before 1978 (the use of lead in paint was banned in the U.S. in 1978). As lead-based paint ages and deteriorates, it breaks down into a fine dust that can be inhaled or ingested by young children by hand-to-mouth activity. Lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities, lower IQs, behavioral problems, and central nervous system health effects. Lead poisoning knows no income limits, but it has been documented through various studies that families with low-moderate incomes and those living in inner cities are most likely to have children who are lead poisoned.

    What this Program Offers
    • Free lead testing. Certified risk assessors inspect homes for deteriorated paint surfaces. An inspection takes 2-4 hours, depending on size of house.
    • Education. Information and pamphlets are provided on the dangers of lead and how to reduce the risks of lead poisoning.
    • Cleaning Kit. Supplies for reducing lead hazards are given to all families receiving a risk assessment. A cleaning kit includes a bucket filled with sponges, towels, detergent, and educational information.
    • Support Services. Families receive food referrals, assistance with utilities, and other services when appropriate.
    • Grants. Financial assistance is available to those who meet income guidelines and have a child under 6 in the home.
    • Low Interest Loans. Families may qualify for low-interest loans for rehabilitation not covered by grant.
    • Professional Cleanings. If lead-based paint hazards are identified in a unit, the unit may have a professional cleaning to reduce dust levels and to stabilize paint.
    • Lead Screening for Children. Initial and follow-up screening for children age 6 and under.
    Lead-Safe Housing Registry

    The following units have been made lead-safe as a result of participation in this program. The units shown are distinguished between owner-occupied and tenant-occupied, and by location. If you currently rent and are interested in a unit that has been addressed by this program, please call the number listed at the bottom of this page for more information.

    Click on the linked address to see a photo of the property.

    City of Dayton (owner occupied) 
    939 Five Oaks
    126 Dover
    151 Baltimore
    1130 Demphle
    329 Oxford
    331 Oxford
    215 Clover
    26 Simms
    601 Paul Laurence Dunbar
    145 Kilmer
    2421 W. Second Street
    230 Quitman
    17 Oakley
    105 Ardmore
    930 Five Oaks
    207 Decker
    44 Drake
    838 Manhattan
    830 Belmonte Park
    1330 W. Grand
    1525 Riverside Drive
    83 Dover
    142 Church
    1517 W. Riverview
    10 York
    825 Five Oaks
    2011 W. Grand
    1230 Demphle
    825 Neal
    206 James H. McGee
    928 Burleigh
    214 Kenwood
    502 Kenilworth
    134 Baltimore
    310 Haynes
    17 E. Mumma
    1007 Xenia Avenue
    316 Kenwood
    516 Oxford
    2327 W. Third Street
    131 S. Philadelphia
    626 St. Joseph
    102 Lorenz
    127 Lorenz
    208 S. Woodward
    844 St. Agnes
    1966 Peachtree
    329 Delaware
    2234 Oakridge
    136 Hawker
    1205 Wyoming
    733 McCleary
    18 Dover
    N. 1021 Cherry
    618 W. Fairview
    3914 Hoover
    1834 Shaftsbury
    67 W. Norman
    323 Lexington
    1130 Seneca
    530 Steele
    536 Steele
    538 Steele
    City of Dayton (tenant occupied)
    212 Quitman
    214 Quitman
    216 Quitman
    218 Quitman
    220 Quitman
    222 Quitman
    224 Quitman
    226 Quitman
    136 S. Harbine
    121 Valley Street, Apt.1-4
    1621-1623 Mack Avenue
    319-321 Xenia Avenue
    116 Xenia Avenue
    118 Xenia Avenue
    120 Xenia Avenue
    122 Xenia Avenue
    124 Xenia Avenue
    126 Xenia Avenue
    128 Xenia Avenue
    130 Xenia
    6-8 Burkhardt
    701 Five Oaks, Apt. A & B
    703 Five Oaks, Apt. A & B
    705 Five Oaks, Apt. A & B
    707 Five Oaks, Apt. A & B
    709 Five Oaks, Apt. A & B
    921-923 Five Oaks
    112-114 Boltin
    418-420 Neal
    516 Delaware, Apt. 1-4
    933-935 Five Oaks
    829-831 Harvard
    129 S. Van Lear
    1707 Clarence (teen mother facility)
    216 Kenwood
    514 Oxford
    209-211 Rockwood
    City of Kettering (owner occupied)
    3116 Larue
    2868 Woodman Drive
    3028 Bulah
    1920 Hazel
    2234 Farmside
    2600 San Rae
    1313 Dutchess
    309 Rockhill
    2758 Winton
    1349 Central Park Avenue
    2480 Galewood
    2625 E. Dorothy Lane
    2116 Reardon
    1230 Tabor
    1220 Sharon
    1569 Sacramento
    2105 Courtland
    3823 Ackerman
    1623 Carrollton Park
    2429 Acorn
    3203 Oakmont
    County Corp (owner occupied)
    4116 Annapolis
    4624 Annapolis
    2346 Forest Home
    2357 Bushnell
    2445 Bushnell
    3940 Haney
    2452 Grant
    2441 Bushnell
    3607 Marlin
    4127 Curundu
    4127 Melgrove
    504 Waneta
    101 Mound
    3809 Monroe
    95 Hanna
    4433 Annapolis
    26 W. Ferry
    4321 Catalina
    Professional Cleanings Completed
    63 Pioneer
    273 S. Riverview
    105 Warder
    107 Warder
    142 Church
    825 Five Oaks
    2011 W. Grand
    316 Kenwood
    1525 Riverside Drive
    10 York
    1230 Demphle
    206 N. James H. McGee
    211 Rockwood
    310 Haynes
    2523 N. Main Street
    1837 Litchfield
    527 Gramont
    27 Delaware
    1944 E. Fourth Street
    1946 E. Fourth Street
    For more information about this program or any of the units listed, please contact the Montgomery County Community Development Office at 225-6318 or the Combined Health District at 225-5553.




    Montgomery County Seeks Housing Input
    To comply with HUD requirements to identify and mitigate unfair and discriminatory housing practices, Montgomery County and the cities of Dayton and Kettering are conducting a community survey for anyone who has sought housing (ownership or rental) within the last four years. The survey is at mvfairhousing.com/fhsurvey.  Read More...
    Housing Survey Online
    To comply with HUD requirements to identify fair housing impediments and create action plans to address them, Montgomery County and the cities of Dayton and Kettering are conducting a public survey of the experiences of those who have sought housing (rental or ownership) within Montgomery County (regardless of what city or township). Click the link above to take the survey.