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    Traveling With Your Kids Can Be a Smooth Ride

    Traveling on a long trip can be a trying experience for both parents and children. Keeping these tips in mind can make for a more enjoyable time for everyone. 

    • When you plan your trip, involve your kids. Ask them what they'd like to see and do. Give them a map of their own to follow along during the trip.
    • Pack the car the night before while the kids are asleep.
    • Drive when the kids are sleeping, either early morning or late at night.
    • Your kids will get restless on a long trip, pack surprises for them (such as games, snacks, books, etc).
    • To pass time, play a "scavenger hunt" with your kids. Have them look for things like animals, a certain color car, or a restaurant sign.
    • When your child wants to stop to use the bathroom, don't make them wait.
    • When you do stop, make sure there is plenty of room for your kids to run around. After being cooped up in a car, it's good to let off some energy.
    • Accidents will happen. Pack an easy-accessible bag of clean clothes for those spills or bouts of carsickness.
    • Pack a special bag with bathing suits and beach or pool supplies, so that your kids don't have to wait for you to unpack everything before going to the water.