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    Tips on Reading to Your Kids

    Today, there are so many things that can occupy your child's time. From television to video games, kids are reading less and less. Your child's reading habits begin at an early age. Here are some tips to help your child get on the right track: 

    • Start early. By reading out loud to your child, they learn the words and sounds that will enable them to read on their own.
    • Have plenty of books around. By keeping your home well-stocked with books, you show that books are important.
    • Give books as gifts. Help your child understand that books can be a source of fun as well as learning.
    • Set an example. Young children will mimic what you do. When your child sees you reading, they see that reading is important to you.
    • Use the library. Take your child with you when you can. Have them pick out the books they want. When they get older, help them get their own library card.
    • Make time to read with your child. An excellent opportunity is bedtime. Reading just a few minutes a night can help your child calm down from a busy day and go to sleep.
    • Show that reading can be fun. A good way is to trade off reading lines or have your child use different voices for different characters in the story.
    • Help your child be an active reader. As you read a story, have your child ask questions and guess what will happen next.
    • Show how reading can open doors. Help your child understand that by reading, they can learn anything.
    • Understand how important reading is. Children who read well will more than likely do better in school.