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    Keep Your Children Safe at Playgrounds

    Playgrounds should be a safe haven for children but unfortunately many are being snatched in board daylight from playgrounds, parks and schoolyards.

    Everyone at a schoolyard playground should be recognizable - grownups and kids. If your kids see someone they don't know, they should tell their teacher right away.

    Other tips offered by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:  

    • Children should never play alone outside and they should tell their teacher or supervisor where they are. 
    • Parents should tell their children to watch out for people who appear to be following them on foot or by car. 
    • Teach your children to stay away from adults who ask them for help. A grownup who needs help should be asking other grownups. 
    • If a stranger tries to take your children somewhere, tell them they should quickly get away.