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    Helping Calm a Crying Baby

    As a parent, hearing your baby cry is tough. We have a natural instinct to want to make the crying stop but there is no single solution. Each baby is unique, with different needs and wants. After checking for the obvious (Are they hungry? Does their diaper need changing?), here are some ideas on helping calm a crying child:

    1. Take your child for a ride. Many babies are soothed by the motion of a car. Sometimes only a few minutes on the road will lull your child to sleep.

    2. Place your child in a baby swing. Although not the same as riding in a car, swings can be effective.

    3. Lie on your back with your baby on your chest.

    4. Massage the infant.

    5. Carry the baby in different positions. For instance, carry the child like a football.

    6. Try singing or humming. Certain music may work as well.

    7. Play nature tapes. Sounds of the ocean or rain forest can have a calming effect.

    8. Sit your child in a baby seat while the running the washer. Some children relax from the motion of a washing machine in use.

    9. Run the vacuum cleaner. The constant hum typically has a lulling effect. The blow dryer may also be effective. Make a tape of the sound  that works so you don't have to pull out the appliance to quiet your baby.