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    Be Sensible When Shopping For  Toys

    Whether you're shopping for your child, a relative or a friend's child, here are some simple things to always keep in mind when purchasing a gift. 

    • Know the age of the child you are shopping for and follow recommended age ranges found on toy packages.
    • Be alert to package warnings such as "contains small pieces" or "requires supervision".
    • Test the durability of the toy. If it is for a small child, it should be able to withstand pulling and chewing. For instance, with stuffed animals and dolls, look for well-sewn seams.
    • Look for any jagged edges or sharp pieces that can prick a finger or injure another part of the body.
    • Keep in mind that loud toys can damage a child's hearing if used for an extended period of time.
    • Try to stay away from toys that shoot objects. They can endanger the eyes or accidentally be swallowed.
    • Check all painted toys, arts and crafts kits, and toys containing liquids. They should be non-toxic.
    • Supervise the use of balloons with any child under the age of six.
    • Be sure all electric toys are labeled "UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Approved."
    • Be sure to remove all packaging from a toy before allowing a small child to play with it.