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    Success Stories

    Because Every Child Deserves To Be Loved... 

    Rob and Carolyn

    Read the inspiring story of our very own Family of the Year.


    Many area teens need a forever family, and Da'Shaun found one!

    Cullen family

    Long after raising their three biological children, this local couple has adopted eight more!


    Additional stories. . .

    Originally I was only going to provide foster care for children from infants to seven years old. As the children grew up, I fell in love with them and wanted to adopt them. I'm blessed to have been able to share my life with them.
    We've had many memorable moments over the years. being able to have the children with me and watch them grow up has been incredible.

    If you are thinking about fostering or adopting, I would advise you to give your love and IM000973blessings to children who don't have anyone else.

    Parent: Willa  
    Children: Dorothy age 25 
      Asia age 11
      Kambon age 10
      Anita age 10
      Anthony age  9
      Jabari age  8
      Kyle age  7
      Joseph age  4
      Khleighton age  4

    We were planning only to foster but were pleasantly surprised when our first opportunity was a foster-to-adopt placement. We were open to taking in a child up to five years old.

    Fostering then adopting our two children has been the greatest experience of our lives. We went through many years of infertility treatments and suffered numerous miscarriages. We were so excited to have a child in our home, and the experience was just as life-changing the second time around when our son joined our family.

    We have experienced so many wonderful moments with our children. One favorite memory comes from our son's adoption day. Our daughter, who was four at the time, wanted to sign the adoption paper. She asked the judge to grant our petition for adoption so she could have her baby brother be part of her family forever.

    DSC06067We have several friends who have started fostering and/or adopting since we first began our adoption journey. We always offer the same advice to them...follow your heart. Whether you are adopting or fostering, give the children all the love you can for as long as they are meant to be with you. If adoption is in the plan, be honest and understanding of the child's biological heritage. Always be the best advocate you can for your children. 

    Parents:  Darold and Karen
    Children: Haleigh age  8
      Hayden age  4 

    I first inquired about adoption because I had always wanted to adopt a daughter, age two or younger.

    Adopting Mackenzie has been a wonderful experience and she has blessed our family very much. I praise the Lord every morning for both of my children.IMG_6781

    The most memorable moment with our daughter happened when the judge said, "This matter is final." I thanked him for blessing my family.

    To others thinking about fostering or adopting, I suggest that you take the challenge. It's always worth it and I think that as my daughter grows into a beautiful butterfly, I will be so very proud.      

    Parent:    Mildred    
    Children:    Spencer age 18 
        Mackenzie age 8 
    I originally planned to provide foster care, but when Lewis became available for adoption I decided that I wanted to adopt him.
    Fostering and adopting has been a wonderful experience. Lewis is a national champion in IMG_6765karate, a good student and a respectful young man. We are looking forward to the day when he goes to college and continues his achievements in karate.

    One of the most memorable moments we have shared is when Lewis received the red belt designation in karate.

    If you are thinking about fostering or adopting, I urge you to take the challenge. You'll love it!
       Parent:  Velma  
       Child:  Lewis  age 16 
    We were planning to enter the foster-to-adopt program and were interested in one or two children, age five or younger. After we adopted Shyara, we decided that she needed a brother and a sister. Our adoption specialist said we would be a perfect match for a sibling group. We expected two more children in a sibling group, but it turned out to be three!
    It was a big adjustment to go from no children to four kids in less than one year. We had to make some changes, such as moving to a larger home and rearranging our work schedules to accommodate school and extra-curricular activities.

    Some of our family's favorite things to do together include playing board games and card games. The various sports that out kids are involved in are always fun to watch, and we also enjoy participating in our daughter's Girl scout activities, cooking as a family, and going to the movies.

    We've had many memorable moments with our children. Jamyra's graduation from Westland High School and his track scholarship to Notre Dame College made us so proud. During the college track season, Jamyra set the school indoor long jump record and also made it to nationals in the 100 meter dash. Deshone brought home a great report card and we are so proud of him! Chayla begged us to play soccer and after just one year, she is doing terrific!

    Shyara's first day of kindergarten brought tears to my eyes. Now "Shy" recently completed kindergarten with flying colors and is ready for twelve more years of school!Davis1

    As a foster or adoptive parent, you need to have patience and discipline needs to be consistent. the kids want love and someone to look up to. Once they feel secure, they will open up and trust in return and give you a strong parent/child relationship.  

       Kelly and  Ryeshone
       Jamyra age 19
        Deshone age 13
        Chayla age 8
        Shyara age 5 
    We knew we wanted to add to our family through adoption after our son Matthew was born. We have friends who adopted through a foster-to-adopt program and they encouraged us. At first I didn't think adoption was for us, but my husband said we should take the classes, pray and then decide. By the end of the classes, I was deeply touched by the need of the children in the foster care system and convinced this was the route we should take. We chose to keep our children's birth order intact and only accept children younger than Emily and Matthew.

    We have been blessed through this challenging and difficult process. It is challenging and difficult because of the uncertainty. Not knowing the permanence and safety of a child you love so much takes an emotional toll on you.

    IMG_6906Our most memorable moments with Tionna and Toni were the days we first met them. Tionna was just four months old and was born four months prematurely. Little Toni was just three days old and was still in the NICU.

    My advice to others who are considering fostering or adopting is the same advice my husband gave to me. Take the classes and pray.

     Parents:  Mitch and Kimberly  
    Children:  Emily age 13  
       Matthew age 9  
       Tionna age 4  
       Toni age 3    
    When I applied to be an adoptive parent, I did so specifically to adopt Bradley. I knew him and I realized that he and I were a great match.  IMG_6879

    Adopting my son has been like riding a rollercoaster - fun and challenging.

    The most memorable moment with Bradley was the day I found out I was going to be his mom.

    If someone else asked me about fostering or adopting, I would say that it's the best decision you could ever make. There is a lot of love to go around. 

    Parent: Tonya  
    Child: Bradley age 7  
    We have adopted seven children over the years after providing foster care for them. Fostering is like extending your family. You gain new children and sometimes new family members. Adoption is like giving birth to a new family member without the labor!

    We have memorable moments with our children at least once a month. With nine and sometimes more children in a house, there are always moments to remember.

    For others considering fostering or adopting, we think everyone should take in a child. It is a chance to help mold and shape the life of a child and extend your family. 

    IMG_6820Parents:  Chris   &   Madelyn
    Children:  Derrek   age 18
       Ondraya   age 16
       Markeyta   age 14
       Lacci   age 14
       Kaabriel   age 12
       Mychal   age 5
       Ryan   age 3


    A number of the children adopted by Chris and Madelyn have special needs. The parents have been very proactive in locating resources in the community (including scholarships to a private school with special programs) and support/information groups dealing with sickle-cell anemia, adoption, etc. With all the activity in the home, Chris and Madelyn are calm and focused on what is going on with each child. When new challenges arise, they take a deep breath and do not complain. When the parents have felt a child needed them, they have made room in their hearts and their home. Recently, they applied to adopt their teenage niece, who had been in foster care and was separated from the family for a number of years. Chris and Madelyn volunteered as soon as they discovered there was a possibility of taking in their niece. They work very closely with her, and all their children. They are very proud parents!