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    DOB 1-95

    Willie really likes to talk ! He can easily have a conversation with anyone due to his outgoing personality. Sometimes this gets him in trouble at school, so he tries to keep it under control. Willie likes art and drawing at school, but he has a hard time with reading and math. He likes to hang-out with his friends after school and participate in youth groups. Sometimes he goes to church youth group after school. Willie likes to be part of a church choir or singing group. He loves all kinds of music and would enjoy learning to play an instrument. He likes to roller skate, bike ride, go to the movies, and go to dinner. He likes any kind of fun activity where he can meet new people and try new things.

    Willie would like to be adopted by a family that is involved in the community and is willing to help him out with school and anything else he needs. He values honest and genuinely nice people who can accept him for who he is. He wants to be part of a family that will support him and understand that no one is perfect.

    For more information about Willie, or other children needing adoptive families, call Kelly Walsh at (937) 276-1831 or email: walshk@odjfs.state.oh.us.

    Montgomery County Children Services
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    Dayton, OH 45405

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