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    DOB 5-15-02

    Victor is an active 11 year old who enjoys sports, video games and eating good food! Victor's favorite sports are football and baseball. His favorite teams are the Dayton Dragon's and the Pittsburgh Steelers. He would like to have more opportunities to play sports.

    Victor's favorite food is pizza but he also enjoys baked beans, potato salad and coleslaw. He enjoys cream soda and thinks ice cream is the best dessert!

    Victor likes gym class, music and art at school. Victor would like a family that is active and likes to go places and do things together. Victor enjoys Golden Coral, trips to the Zoo, bike riding, going to the pool and video arcades.

    Victor would like to have an older brother or brothers to play with. Victor needs patience, understanding and structure from his care giver.

    For more information on Victor please contact Joe Atkinson at 937-276-6641 or email him at atkinj@odjfs.state.oh.us.

    Montgomery County Children Services
    3304 N. Main Street
    Dayton, Ohio 45405

    (937) 224-KIDS