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    DOB 6-2-01

    Active and affectionate aptly describe Nehemiah. He is constantly in motion from sun up to sundown. He loves to hug his caretaker, foster siblings and even the family dog. It is not uncommon to see him hugging and laying his head on him. He loves to be hugged and enjoys being tickled. You can hear his laughter throughout the house.

    Nehemiah has a good appetite and will eat anything. Put food before him and watch it disappear. He rocks to the beat of music. At sundown after his bath, tucked into bed, he sleeps soundly all night.

    Nehemiah needs a forever family that will be strong advocates for his needs and parent him with consistency, strong supervision and love.

    For more information about Nehemiah, or other children needing adoptive families, call Shirley Pagan at (937) 276-1665.

    Montgomery County Children Services
    3304 N. Main Street
    Dayton, OH 45405

    (937) 224-KIDS